Friday, September 8, 2017

Johnny Massacre - Never Be Normal | @JohnnyMassacre |


Hear the dead rise from the grave – up and out your speakers – on Johnny Massacre’s “No More Sun” album. An album that sounds like Michael Jackson wearing a cheap werewolf mask attempting to DJ on belt drive turntables. Johnny Massacre became an underground legend with his release of the suicidal hip-hop song “Ultrasound" (taken from the twisted "Maniacity" LP) which racked up 8,000,000+ hits on YouTube. Rumours of Johnny’s demise in a car crash swirled as fans waited for a spiritual successor. But they got an altogether different beast … “No More Sun" is more musical and technically accomplished, but as unhinged and ugly as ever. For this project, with artwork by legendary Science Fiction, fantasy, comic and pop-culture nostalgia artist Timothy Doyle, Massacre hits us with heavy, haunting hip-hop from his cerebral cemetery, conjuring a disturbing vision the easily offended should steer well clear of.