Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Premiere: TheKnuBlack – Hokage (Animated Rap Adventure) | @ksnotw |

KnuOrigen: The Sage Ape and Kay Sade: The Black Sheep form an elite duo called TheKnuBlack. Today they bless the world with a new animated adventure titled "Hokage" which means Fire Shadow. If you watched one of the greatest anime off all time (yes, were being a bit biased) Naruto, the Hokage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village.

TheKnuBlack take us on a Christian animated journey filled with melodic sounds and positive lyrics as we watch the characters transform with the swipe of a cross over their foreheads. The story shows two friends who never give up on each other through the good and the bad times. When the evil shows up, they literally take a leap of faith while drawing weapons to fight it off. The heroic duo then places the crosses upon the evil which turns them back to their former state of goodness, and they end by escaping into a portal.

The video is a breath of fresh air and very creative with a strong message to be delivered.

" This song is a reminder that we cannot do it alone. We need "The Friend" who will stand by us, and we need to be okay admitting that.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rozlin - "Ditto" (TripleHQ Premiere) | @RozlinMusic |


Los Angeles rapper/songwriter Rozlin drops a very catchy new single called "Ditto" which basically is letting her probably ex-significant other know the feeling is mutual. Catchy bars flirt with percussion as the melodic instrumental takes you on a journey through hazy fade outs before bursting back in to its rhythmic life via amped up bass and crystal clear production. "Ditto" gives us that super "want to dance right now" vibe like when you walk in the club and The Tings Tings comes on. Check the new song above and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Johnny Word - No Apologies | TripleHQ Premiere | @JohnnyWordMusic |

  Just as the title suggests "No Apologies" is a song about not saying sorry for being successful or following your dreams. For all the true hustlers and grinders who sacrifice sleep and most their free time in the pursuit of their goals and dreams. "Many people will try and bring you down or make you feel bad about you success or you achievements. They will try and tell you what your trying to do is not possible, but don't let them get in your head. Most are just too sacred or insecure to follow their own dreams and project that insecurity on to you" Johnny says. "No Apologies" is about proving them all wrong and showing them that anything is possible when you believe in yourself, even if everyone else doesn't.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Caleon Fox - "Semi Cinematic" | @supportcaleon |


Warpath Group is ready with the first single from Californian rapper/viral favorite Caleon Fox. After a run of viral releases including YouTube favorite 'No Swag,' which streamed more than 2m times on YouTube alone, the Oakland raised rapper turns to a more focused and serious strand of his loose wordplay and experimental hip-hop edge with "Semi Cinematic." Soulection / Sango productions meet Caleon's laidback and tongue in cheek wordplay for the first in a serious of upfront singles from the rising talent.

Friday, October 20, 2017

THQ Premiere: P. Cruz "Hollow" (Reprise) Ft. Stic of Dead Prez


P. Cruz is a Filipino-American MC and producer from Queens, NY. After years of finding his sound through rock bands and hip hop projects, he is introducing himself as solo artist through the debut EP Letter to Miss Ives. Dynamic, dark, and ruminating, this work pulls deep from his eclectic influences.


This forthcoming EP has been inspired by the sonic darkness of John Frusciante’s To Record Only Water for Ten Days, and the dense lyricism of such artists as Aesop Rock and Saul Williams. Letter to Miss Ives is a dynamic, introspective, and personal work that reaches beyond its genre. From the hard-hitting Conscious Hip-hop collaboration with legend Stic of dead prez “Hollow (Reprise)” to the Indie Rock inspired hook and guitar driven instrumentals of “Gobstop (Life),” this EP has a wide sonic range that embraces the “alternative” in Alternative Hip-hop.

In addition to his musical influences, Letter to Miss Ives was inspired by the character Vanessa Ives from the television series Penny Dreadful. The show’s central theme of inner spiritual conflict, can be found interwoven in P. Cruz’s lyrics throughout the EP. The title track addresses Vanessa Ives, asking her how she was able to find hope through the many adversities she faced.

Previous to this release, his band Punskription released critically lauded EP Native Brains: Foreign Hearts. It’s been described as an original expression of hip-hop by Paste Magazine “Their layered and dynamic flow create a stir, and a sound that is unique and epic on every level,” while still paying homage to its lyrical roots as described by Speed on the Beat “The lyricism is on full-display here along with the multilayered production.” Now, directly following up this critically acclaimed work, P. Cruz successfully creates a sound that is uniquely his.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Rugby Wild - Chickenshack | @RugbyWild |


Rising fast on the West Coast hip-hop scene, 24-year-old Rugby Wild is the kind of artist who was born into his chosen profession: focused, innovative, and driven, he’s launched himself into the national spotlight with infectious tracks that mix fast-moving wordplay with world-class audio and video production. A young rapper who came of age on the avenues of Newark and New York City, Rugby pulls from his own streetwise stories to create high-energy songs with powerful rhymes.

It’s always come naturally to Rugby Wild, and his newest track, “Chickenshack,” off of his forthcoming LP, Millennials, is a perfect example of how everything musical falls into place for the young artist. “Chickenshack” melds the smooth, sophisticated stylings of New York City living with the irreverent swagger of confident youth. The song tracks Rugby’s visits to the City, where culture, art, and an atmosphere of inclusion reign, back home to his neighborhood in New Jersey, where hustle and grit define a different side of life. The finished track, completed after Rugby’s move to Los Angeles, became even more impactful in post-production, when a cross-country move and a plunge into the city’s music scene fostered introspection and continued to develop the song’s unique energy, which unfolds over lilting, soulful production. “Chickenshack” projects the voices of Rugby’s East Coast friends out into the world, providing a space for their narrative to unfold.

“I bring originality,” says Rugby Wild about the track and his new album. “So many artists are trying to make money off of what’s already proven to sell, but you can be original and still get noticed. In this day and age it’s ridiculous to think you have to do what everybody else does. I think my job right now is to be a collage, to show the industry that we don’t all have to do the same thing.”

Rugby Wild

Guwii Kidz feat. Fetty Wap - Please Don't Call Me (Video) | @GuwiiKidz @fettywap |

With the 4th quarter of 2017 in full swing, RGF Productions continue to add more points to their lead with the release of “Please Don’t Call Me,” by the Guwii Kidz. Consisting of Guwii Mitch & 23, the duo is joined by fellow Paterson, NJ native and label mate Fetty Wap on the Tall Ted produced single.

Already a fixture on radio and online, the Guwii Kidz first made their mark in 2015 with the viral hit, “In The Kitchen.” With that said, the new track incorporates the signature bounce and melodic sounds that have made RGF world famous. “Please Don’t Call Me” appears on the duo’s self-titled debut project hosted by DJ Holiday. The mixtape is currently available on Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming platforms.

Gospel Lee - "Reset" (YouTube Nashville Sessions) | @gospellee |

Oklahoma City based rapper Gospel Lee collabs with video sharing giant YouTube with his latest visual Reset. Featuring production from Wayne Klassik, Gospel Lee uses his cavalier delivery to emphatically finalize his break up with the regret of the past. The video was filmed & directed by YouTube for their “Nashville Sessions” series in Nashville, Tennessee.  “YouTube is such an incredible platform, one that's crucial to what we do, so when we found out they wanted to make a video with us, we were incredibly thrilled,” recounts Lee.

Gospel Lee is a positive, inspirational rapper who specializes in the creation of “Quality Hip-Hop Your Mom Would Be Proud Of.” Reset is available on Itunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Download/Stream The Single Here

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