Friday, March 31, 2017

$port Debuts Project "Evil Knievel"


The artist "$port" (@sport2busy) hails from Queens NY. $port is a new breath of fresh air in the New York music scene and his new upcoming debut project tape titled "Evil Knievel" , will prove he's a force to be reckoned with. He is a trap melodic inspired artist with a fun approach to menacing lyrics and vibes. It is a fusion of Atlanta based music meeting the unique unapologetic NYC sound. We feel he has the perfect NEW material for you to share with your audience.

His tape features bonus songs with visuals already done that bring a unique trippy evil feel to the persona $port brings out in his music.

Abso - "OYO" Prod. by Albert Dee


Check out new music from AnothrBreed Artist Abso, called "OYO"

'It is about my movement", says Abso "The late nights, The grind and the moves my team and I made to get our recognition'.

Kaydence also blessed the track with a dope hook so you know this ones an anthem.

Jahlaam Releases Visual for "Fantasy"

Just last month, Jahlaam (pronounced Ja-Lom) shared the remix to her stand out record “Fantasy” with a verse from fellow Atlanta native Dre Meyers. On FRIDAY, March 31st, Jahlaam will deliver the highly anticipated visuals to the original record shot by Hued Productions. Jahlaam shines in the sultry visuals that perfectly executes the lyrics from the song.  “Fantasy” is the third single from Jahlaam as an independent artist and is just an offering as to what to expect on her #FLOWerEP releasing later this summer.

Massachusetts Emcee Joey B Announces Sophomore LP "Closure"

Joey B has announced the Official release date for his sophomore LP titled "Closure".  The project will be available worldwide June 2nd 2017 through all digital media & streaming sites.  Physical copies will be available at various stores as well as directly on www.JoeyBhipHop.Com "Closure" is literally set up as a walk through Joeys Life, it starts out dark and works it's way into a positive light, almost mirroring the transition in the Massachusetts emcee's life.  The 15 track album features Joe Budden, Kxng Crooked, Slaine, Pace Won, & Tsu Surf.  Stand out tracks include "Black List", "Met The Devil" (Ft Pace Won) "Closure: One Last Conversation"(Ft.  Red Pages) as well as the fan favorite "Wrong Time" (Ft. Trev Rich & Red Pages).

On the road leading up to a successful album release, Joey B has also announced the pre-sale on his clothing line, a "Booty Shorts Contest" (which you can find out more below), and lastly he will be releasing the Official Joey B unisex fragrance by L7 Premium Fragrances which is currently in production.

50 Cent Releases First Ever 'Best of' Compilation on Vinyl/CD

50 cent

Today, almost fifteen years after his explosive debut, UMe has released Best Of 50 Cent. This is 50 Cent’s first “Best Of” compilation, which has been issued on CD, double LP (available 4/7, pre-order here) and at all digital retail outlets. It includes classic cuts from the albums Get Rich or Die Tryin', The Massacre, Curtis, Before I Self Destruct, Music From And Inspired By Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ The Motion Picture and the In Too Deep Motion Picture Soundtrack. Best Of 50 Cent also features the non-album tracks “Get Up” and “I Get It In,” plus the bonus cut “How to Rob.” Among his many legendary collaborators included are Mobb Deep, Akon, Ne-Yo, The Madd Rapper, Nate Dogg, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Olivia, the first woman signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit label.

Track List:

1. In Da Club
2. 21 Questions (Feat. Nate Dogg)
3. P.I.M.P.
4. Disco Inferno
5. Candy Shop (Feat. Olivia)
6. Just a Lil Bit
7. Outta Control (Remix) (Feat. Mobb Deep)
8. Hustler's Ambition
9. Best Friend (Remix) (Feat. Olivia)
10. Window Shopper
11. Ayo Technology (Feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)
12. I Get Money
13. Straight to the Bank
14. I’ll Still Kill (Feat. Akon)
15. Get Up
16. I Get It In
17. Baby by Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)
18. How to Rob (Feat. The Madd Rapper) (BONUS TRACK)

Jupiter Grey - 'Black Mirrors'


Jupiter Grey looks to turn RnB on its head with his debut single ‘Black Mirrors.’ The club beats which are omnipresent in modern RnB are absent from this record. Instead listeners are treated to raw, passionate vocals over a beat which uses actual instruments. Jupiter’s music does not come from a production line. Rather, it is an authentic expression of his identity as an artist, of his wish to be unique, and of the wide array of influences which have inspired him to create music.

Coming from Jupiter’s debut EP ‘Wounded Soul’ this track offers sonic poetry, giving listeners a chance to understand the singer’s emotional contortions as he fought through a difficult period in his life. Everything in this track is authentic. Nothing is exaggerated, nothing is added. ‘Black Mirrors’ is a genuine expression of Jupiter’s feelings, laid bare for the public. Jupiter wants to express exactly who he is through his music. The journey into sound presented by the excellent guitar riff present throughout the song is also a journey into Jupiter’s soul. The track was made to not only cross the musical boundaries represented by genre, but also cultural boundaries, as everyone can relate to Jupiter’s authentic musical style.

It is never easy differing from the norm. Many artists are unwilling to take risks. However, Jupiter Grey is not many artists. He presents a unique musical vision through an excellent track through ‘Black Mirrors.’ Listeners may be surprised to hear music which may be more closely associated with rock on RnB radio. Yet, they are about to hear Jupiter’s music everywhere thanks to this irresistible record. Your favourite radio station will find it incredibly difficult to leave Jupiter’s orbit.


Otis Clapp - "Demons Into Diamonds"


Hailing from Queens, New York, Otis buried himself in music from a young age as a means of escaping an unstable and abusive home life. His passion for hip hop drove him from lunchroom cyphers to sharing stages with heavyweights such as Action BronsonDiploJ.ColeMac MillerAb Soul and more.   While Otis always scribbled rhymes in the back of the classroom, it wasn't until he heard Common and Sadat-X on “1999” that he realized he wanted a career in hip hop.

By 1999 Otis began writing, producing, mixing and mastering his own music. His diligence paid off in 2011, when Otis was afforded the opportunity to mix and executive produce three projects for YC The Cynic (now known as Kemba), including his 2013 GNK album.  This led to a performance opportunity at the four year anniversary of “Comedy at the Knitting Factory,” hosted by Hannibal Buress. Here, Otis performed before Chris Rock's surprise performance and comedian Amy Schumer later co-signed Otis's song "Fiona."  In 2014, following his second straight appearance at CMJ week and a special guest performance at the NY Loves Dilla event, Otis performed alongside YC at the Heineken Green Room with Ghostface Killah, and performed at the 2015 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. One of's top 50 underground artists in 2011 and 2012, Otis is set to rekindle flames with his forthcoming Helen Keller EP as well as two other projects in 2017.

"When I wrote this, I hadn't put out music in a while, so I was approaching this as my "welcome back party." Demons into Diamonds is about turning my negatives into positives; turning short comings into advantages; conquering the things that used to hold me back. In reality, it was, and still is, all mental. It's also a testament to my growth as a man while paying homage to the hardships from which I came." - Otis Clapp

"Demons Into Diamonds" is the first track from Otis Clapp's forthcoming Helen Keller EP.

Purchase "Demons Into Diamonds" on iTunes:

Listen to "Demons Into Diamonds" on SoundCloud:

ZVNE - Stay Quiet (Prod. Baz)


ZVNE born Zane Rose-Davis is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, now based in Perth, Australia. Having stumbled upon music by chance, ZVNE has been writing and recording since the age of 17, drawing on his personal experiences to create a sound both relatable yet unconventional. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tyson Brown Studios, and produced by Baz, “Stay Quiet” is the debut single from ZVNE, a mixture of heavy bass lines, soft melody and clean, raw vocals. 

“It’s about coming to the realization that you are truly on your own. No matter how many people you ride with, at the end of the day the only person you can rely on is yourself, and it is up to you to decide whether or not that is loneliness or freedom,” says ZVNE on creating the new single. 

“It came to me at a time where musically, I was at my loneliest as a result of some personal decisions I had made. I was left in this empty space reflecting on why I started music in the first place and questioning who I was really making my music for. Loneliness can be an isolating experience, but in this case it was a grounding one. It helped me rekindle a spark that had always been there, but would dim and brighten depending on the people I surrounded myself with.” 

“It’s an accolade to anyone who has ever had to make the choice to leave a certain person, situation or lifestyle that was no longer serving you in order to grow and realize that “you’ve got the juice”, and you’ve had it all along.” 

With his 2017 releases, ZVNE plans to expand his reach by continuing to work with likeminded creatives and performing as much as he can. “I want my music to do for people what music does for me. To act as an anchor to a person, place, or time, and to evoke a feeling that remains even when the song has to come to an end.” Constantly running the hamster wheel of creativity, ZVNE is one to watch. 

Forever ‘Hymn’ EP


Release Date: 28th April 2017

Having first linked up with London-based Coyote Records in early 2015, Grade 10’s Forever returns to the label proper for his first full EP project, ‘Hymn’.

A record written over an extended period of time — the title-track, one of Forever’s most recognisable, was produced years prior — ‘Hymn’ explores the myriad sounds, layers and textures that have come to define his music.

It was his remix of Last Japan’s ‘Harca’, released via Coyote’s white label series in January 2015, that first welcomed him into a tight-knit community of affiliated producers, even playing the label’s third birthday in London later that year. Boosted by the formation of Leicester-based label and collective, Grade 10 — for whom he remains a key creative figure alongside Prayer, Loosewomen etc — a little later in the year, Forever then went onto release his debut EP, ‘Coarse’, in July 2016.

While ‘Coarse’ dealt in contrasting rare grooves and tones, ‘Hymn’ hones in on the sounds that have checked his growth and development as a producer. The delicate, slow-burning cinema of widescreen opener ‘Gweilo’, the shadowy eeriness of ‘Hymn’ and the crunchy, industrial club heat of ‘Swamped’ each point to different reference points, but all feel interlinked by Forever’s grip on atmosphere and tone.

Coyote label mate, Chemist — one third of Planet Mu trio, Silk Road Assassins — also turns in a booming edit of ‘Hymn’, complete with re-booted, icy melodies that fire off like shards of glass, and rude, 808 patterns that nod to his work with SRA.

A1. Gweilo
A2. Hymn
B1. Rainforest
B2. Swamped
B3. Hymn (Chemist Remix)

Hemlok Society - Nightmerica (Album)

The work of Doc Hemlok took an unexpected turn when he inadvertently merged his consciousness with a patient under his supervision at a high security psychiatric ward. This came about when conducting experiments to control forms of schizophrenia with sonic frequencies and the lab technician (PanAssassin) unlocked a series of tones that put the facility's most dangerous inhabitants into a trance-like state that allowed them to absorb each other's brainwaves. The most receptive conduit throughout the testing phase was an activist (known here as "The Vanguard") who was deemed an enemy of the state by the US government for his efforts to promote dissent.

Originally this "mind meld" was intended to be like a one way mirror, wherein the proctor could monitor, and ostensibly control, the consciousness of the subject but not the other way around.
This was not to be.

As the two continued their sessions under the guidance of PanAssassin many things became abundantly clear. Chief among them is that the patients weren't as crazy as they seemed. They were actually onto something, and that's why the government had put them there. Away from the media. Away from influencing others who might begin to see the truth. Pandora's Box had been opened, and together all of these lunatics, miscreants and criminals could unlock some of the secrets of the universe, under the care of the good doctor that is.


Once the government agencies who oversaw the operation now known as "Krampusnacht" took notice, they took action to shut down the facility and destroy all of Hemlok's research, findings, and even his patients. However, through the window of their expanded consciousness Hemlok Society knew they were coming, fought off their unsuspecting handlers and escaped into the night where they now roam through the place they call Nightmerica, meeting in secret with their identities concealed and recording their experiences in the sinister subtext of musical offerings.



Tyrone (fka Breeze Embalm) - "Know My Name"

 [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Tyrone carried the stage name Breeze Embalm since the age of 17. After debuting the provocative single "Grab Em' By The P***y" (influenced by our nation's current head of state), he linked up with Final Outlaw  for "F***ed Up Sh*t," his final song as Breeze Embalm. Now, with his former moniker and stage name completely shed, Tyrone introduces himself to the world while embracing his full identity with "Know My Name," the lead single from his forthcoming self-titled debut album.

"When I say 'Hi, my name is Tyrone' there are two reactions I get from people: they either burst out singing Erykah Badu's hit of the same name (I'd sometimes sing along with them), or they look at me in bewilderment adamantly telling me I cant be named Tyrone because I am not black. Being a Dominican who looks middle-eastern in a culture that is so focused on race I always understood the reaction but I never enjoyed how important race is to some people. When I started rapping I thought I needed an alter ego, I thought I needed to be something else, but I'm older and more mature now. I've never been more comfortable than being myself and I am ready for the world to know my name." - Tyrone

T Gramz Ft. Maino "Can't Sleep"

Royals P.M.M. Inc. & 1000 Gramz Ent. Present The first video off of T Gramz latest Project Doh Carter Diaries : World Series Edition. The record is called “Can’t Sleep” and features Brooklyn, New York’s Maino Produced by Tyco The video is filmed by Fatty Soprano of 9-0 Nickel Films at Cowell & Queen (Q Block T Gramz’s stomping grounds) in Toronto’s east end, with he and Maino painting a verbal picture of their struggle in the cold street’s of both Toronto and Brooklyn. Both artists deliver heavy bars over this Tyco produced beat.

T Gramz – Doh Carter Diaries (World Series Edition) Social media & Music Links

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fazle "Last Night" ft Aares & Dose


Since the release of his latest EP, "Cocaine & Dollhouses", Fazle has been actively keeping his buzz going. He released the official video to his project single "Mannequin", generating well over 11k views. Alongside his music, he has been perfecting his clothing brand Popular Outcast as he prepares for his 2017 Spring release. Collaborating with Indy natives Aares and Dose, Fazle reminds listeners on why he is "Naptown's Favorite Sinner".


Tayfun Releases Brand New Music Video "Figo "

A myriad of strong influences taken from his Turkish background and unsettled upbringing make for the hard-hitting debut single ‘Figo’, from 20 year old, Tottenham based, Tayfun.

The track, produced by SLVNG MAJOR and Patrick Osei (mastered by Chris Athens (Drake – Views), proves to be a real juxtaposition of cultures as Tayfun details what life was like growing up in Tottenham over an echoing middle-eastern chorus that is accentuated by the genuine Turkish sounds of the saz guitar, played by Tayfun himself. The rapper lays bare a previously troubled soul as his honest lyricism tells a captivating story. ‘Figo' is paired with an equally compelling video and the cinematic visuals for his debut track comes courtesy of director Teeeezy C of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Growing up in a family that was well known for crime, Tayfun slipped in to a number of situations that made him question which path to choose. Biding his time, he made the decision to travel Europe where Tayfun found salvation in music and subsequently acknowledged it as his true destiny. As well as the pride in his Turkish heritage, Tayfun is inspired to share his story and struggle with other young people, particularly the Turkish youth he feels will relate to him, and inspire them to fulfil their own destinies.

“The world belongs to the patient mind, no point rushing when you’re young. Take your time, make everything neat.” – Tayfun
With an impressive debut and cultural influences that set him apart from other rappers in the emerging scene, 2017 is set to be a destination for Tayfun.

VL Deck Ft. Eastside Jody - Pressure

VL Deck aka The Section 8 boss is back again but this time he brings Atlanta 367 CEO Eastside Jody for the new video "Pressure". Known as one the next one to blow with the comparison of an up to date back in the day Young Jeezy, the two artists together are generating a lot of buzz. Both artists are CEOs of their own labels and are backing up the things they speak on.

Watch the Glass Imagery 4k-directed video below and stay tuned for the Atlanta native's upcoming Spot Talk 2 project dropping soon on LiveMixtapes.

Casino Mel - "Casino My Religion 2"

Every day you profit…you won” …words to live by from your soon to be favorite rapper… “Casino Mel.” I know “strong words” or “too high of praise” for a MC many have never heard of if any have ever witnessed an “artist” blessed with the rare ability to write timeless classics that often challenges the mind while soothing the soul the way in which “Casino Mel” does with effortless regularity.

Born Jarmel Brown Lee AKA “Casino Mel” in tiny Abbeville, South Carolina population 5,237 serves a proof that the biggest of talents can come from the smallest of places. Destined to be just another urban statistic due to a series of unwise decisions made as a youth from “trapping” to “gambling” ultimately led to Mel being incarcerated for 34 months at the Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Edgefield located in South Carolina.

Signed to arguably the south’s #1 independent record company “Five Star Empire” led by CEO and veteran music executive “Jervon’ta ‘Stunna’ Walker” are both the label and visionary entrusted with making “Casino Mel” a household name. Setting the stage, teaming up with Trap God himself Gucci Mane on the years hottest collaboration entitled “Trap Nigga” for a once in a generation caliber smash record off the highly anticipated mixtape Casino My Religion 2: High Stakes that’s guaranteed to leave your ears wanting more…. Your best bet is to put it all on the Casino…Casino Mel that is.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

J-Coop - Paid In AmeriKKKa

The current political climate of our country is at an all time high. Without choosing sides, everyone has an opinion on what should be done and how it should happen. As a result Atlanta emcee J-Coop of The Winning Team and producer Last Name Good collectively decided to voice their opinions through a 9 track LP titled Paid In AmeriKKKa.

"Money, greed, power, lust & temptation. All of the ills & D'Evils paved on the road to getting Paid In AmeriKKKa. It's quite simple to get lost in the sauce when attempting to acquire wealth in this chaotic melting pot we call home. Journey with us as we take a look at what a 6.14 inches of green paper can do to the mind of those who thirst after its necessities. It's not a country, it's just a business... So you better get Paid In AmeriKKKa."

JU$TIN Drops Visual For "Key 2 Success"

New visual from JU$TIN for his DJ Khaled inspired freestyle "Key 2 Success" from his 2016 mixtape "$treet ART 2".

Dope DJ Releases New Visual "Swish"

Atlanta newcomer Dope DJ preps for the release of his third EP titled SupremeDope with the visuals to the lead single "Swish". Shot by Zaypreme Films, Dope DJ shows off the similarities in sports and music over the Will G production.