Sunday, July 30, 2017

Que Williams - Winning Issa Must (Video) | @QueWillOfficial |

Atlanta R&B artist Que Williams drops the cinematic new visuals for "Winning Issa Must" from his new mixtape album Split Personality now available on iTunes, Spotify, and more. Speaking on his doubters, Que keeps a winning mentality and tries to avoid life's distractions on his way to the finish line. Previously featured on the MTV series True Life, "Winning Issa Must" has already been in daily rotation on BET Jams and soon to be aired on MTV Live. With the release of the lead single from Split Personality, Que also features fellow artists Emilio Ruffin, Lil Hustle, Trey Stackx, Shay Brookes, and Jay Love on the album. Watch "Winning Issa Must" and be sure to stream or purchase the new mixtape album Split Personality from Atlanta's own up and coming R&B star Que Williams.

Watzreal - My I.D. Pt 2: Shadows (Video) | @watzrealdamc |

San Francisco-based artist Watzreal drops the deep new visuals for "My I.D. Pt 2: Shadows" tackling the ever important issue of depression and mental health. Produced by Tone Jonez and directed by Luis Montoya, "My I.D. Pt 2: Shadows" appears on Watz's 2016 album THE: The Human ExperienceTaking an opportunity to spread awareness on the topic of depression, Watz takes to his hometown of Berkley, CA to give listeners a raw and gritty feel to his new video. Following up his most successful release to date "Nostalgia" featuring the legendary Gift Of Gab, Watz is wasting no time giving music out to the people with his new release.

Watch Watzreal's new video for "My I.D. Pt 2: Shadows" and hit share because you never know who could be fighting depression on their own.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

TripleHQ Exclusive: Fa$t Life - Norcos | @FastLifeATLANYC |


Fa$t Life is back with a new darker track "Norcos" for his audience to get a deeper glimpse of his life in the busy streets of Los Angeles. The rising Atlanta artist is spending countless days and nights locked in the studios preparing for the release of his album "Fa$t Life Society" aka FLS. After much success with a magazine spread in Urban Magazine and his latest interview/premiere on Noisey Beats 1 Radio , Fa$t Life is hard at work and learning as a young artist in this industry that image is everything. His recent feature with Gucci, Lil Yachty and Rich Da Kid did over 3 million plays on soundcloud, but Fa$t Life is currently working on re-branding himself as an artist. Despite the death of his cousin which he fights the depression everyday, he wants the world to know he does this for Christian, and always for his daughter. Open your mind and heart as you listen to his new single "Norcos" as he takes you down a surreal path of what life is like in the Fa$t Lane.

XL - "Nothing But XLence" (Mixtape) | @XLthaFather |


Nothing But XLence is XL's debut mixtape, and the follow up to his EP, Always XL. The mixtape is entirely self produced, and the beats are reminiscent of your favorite 90's producers. Lyrically, this project is dense. There is a lot to decipher within XL's diction that cannot be done with a single listen. But don't take my word for it, check out his coming of age story yourself!

Raging Moses "Feeling Like A G" | @RagingMoses |


Raging Moses releases a new single today, "Feeling Like A G". The single is his first with Illect Recordings.

Raging Moses shares what inspired him to write the track:

"The heart of the neighborhood I grew up in is a street called Platte Ave. It also happens to be an epicenter for cannabis legalization in Colorado. So seeing a new marijuana dispensary open on this street is nothing new (there are always about 10-15 open at anytime on the roughly 1 mile section of the busy road). But one day coming out of the mechanics I noticed that a strip club, which had been in business since I was kid, was now converting to a marijuana shop. In the back of my mind was something I had recently read that used the phrase "whatever your soul lusts." In that moment "Feeling Like a G" was born."

"I seen 'em turn a strip club / to a weed spot / money movin it depend on what you need now / what's your soul lust..."

"It's like the world doesn't care what you want, just as long as you pay and the government gets their cut, everyone is happy. That observation opened my mind to what became a song of many observations. Not really meant to be negative or positive, just observations."

Feeling Like A G is available at all digital outlets including:
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Detroit's LC New Video For "Can't You See" Freestyle | @CourtneyBell313 |

The Midwest – Detroit, MI to be exact – is making a comeback! Looking to stay ahead of the pack, is newcomer, LC. The 22 year old lyricist from the west side of Detroit has been carving out his own lane for the past couple of years. And this Summer, he’s going full steam as he readies new material. Today, he offers up new visuals, as a follow-up to his "Secure The Bag" video.

Now, as you know, there's nothing like that feel-good 90's R&B and LC brings it back with his latest freestyle. Tapping the classic collaboration between R&B group, Total, and Hip Hop legend, Notorious B.I.G., LC delivers a smooth freestyle over "Can't You See." The freestyle video was released as the second offering from his #FlashbackFreestyleFriday series.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Erica Mason - "Work It Out"

Erica Mason

Erica Mason is back with an infectious new single, "Work It Out".

"Work It Out" is a refreshing upbeat tune that all of us can relate to. Have you ever had a friendship or relationship that experienced a season of frustration or adversity? Well, if it's a relationship worth having, then it is worth fighting for. "Work It Out" is intended to encourage people to fight for their relationships regardless of how difficult it may seem. The relationships that we have in our lives are the greatest form of wealth and it's important that we learn to dig deep, push through and fight for the ones we love the most.

As an Artist, Erica Mason has seen people come and go in her life. Erica has had experience with liars and backstabbers, but she has also had her life filled with people who love her unconditionally. Erica targets the lifelong relationships that she is invested in with this catchy tune. Regardless of the role that people play, every relationship in your life will be tested, but it's important that we "Work It Out" with the ones who truly have our best interest at heart.

Audio: Erica Mason "Work It Out"

Work It Out is available at all digital outlets including:
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ty Farris - Prayer For The Competition (Video) | @tyfarris1 @KingThelonious |

​Detroit's Ty Farris (@tyfarris1) has been on pedal to the medal in 2017. He released a album "Room 39" earlier this year featuring Royce Da 5'9 and Rapper Big Pooh to list a few and now returns with 8 song Ep named "Ramen Noodle Nights'. After releasing the aggressive first single "Lil Deuce Deuce" he returns with a new visual linking up with Chicago's very own producing powerhouse Thelonious Martin (@KingThelonious) for a "Prayer For The Competition". Thelonious has worked with the likes of Joey Badass,Smoke Dza,ASAP Rocky and tons of up and coming artist to build a very nice resume. The visual provides images of Ty digging a grave for the competition and then praying in front of a church for them. The witty lines and the dirty Thelonious Martin track goes hand to hand. For more Ty Farris music check his website

Nino Brown - Kardashian Kurse (Video) | @NinoBrownMiami |

Nino Brown currently has a record called "Kardashian Kurse" in which he is addressing the way these women have affected our black legends' lives for the worst. Nino Brown bluntly states that its not the Kardashians' fault, but rather the men for not remaining themselves when they enter these relationships. These men become Kardashians immediately instead of keeping their own identity and aura, in which what made them great and what got them the girl in the first place. They change into someone else in a sunken place and never return back to normal. Check out Nino Brown's new video "Kardashian Kurse" below and let us know if you agree.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) “Dirty Drumz” | @therealMrLif @AkrobatikMC |


Released on Mello Music Group, Resolution is one of those timeless records. The first full-length from Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) in a dozen years (Black Dialogue was released on El-P’s Def Jux imprint) reflects the struggles and near-death sagas that struck Mr. Lif and Akrobatik. During that span, Lif miraculously survived his tour bus plummeting over a cliff and bursting into flames. Akrobatik weathered a sudden aortic rupture and emergency open-heart surgery. The impact of those experiences forced the former Def Jux duo to contemplate fate, luck, and their own place within a world spinning out of control.

But their ability to survive has allowed them to thrive. They’ve harnessed a radiant hard-won optimism that refuses to flinch from the evils of existence. From the album’s first track, “Early Mourning,” Akrobatik asserts that courage comes from within, but reflects on the millions of young black men sent to premature graves. He considers whether gang affiliation is inherent in their souls, or more likely, whether things would be different if these neighborhoods were well lit and effectively policed.

If turmoil and inequity currently wrack the globe at record levels, Lif’s verses seem more prophetic than ever. His verses offer searing indictments of corporate and political corruption: corporations oppressing local farms, governmental duplicity in dealing with big pharmaceutical companies, and the crooked brutality of cops who get away with shooting unarmed black men.

On the first single from the project, “Hose Down,” the pair’s biting commentary discussed the continued lack of accountability for police injustice in the wake of the Philandro Castille verdict and posed the question “Is it worse now?"   Comparing today's traffic stops and police shootings to the civil rights violence when dogs and hoses met protest, the Boston group contemplates how bad things still remain.

Today, The Perceptionists release the second single, “Dirty Drumz,” from Resolution, which was exclusively premiered by Mass Appeal. Produced by Mr. Lif, “Dirty Drumz” is a raw, rugged, gain-pumping, boom-bap masterpiece. “All the world wants is some dirty ass drums/ we stand where we stand and we don’t plan to run” Lif exclaims.

Mr. Lif & Akrobatik’s (The Perceptionists) Resolution will be released on 7-28-17 by Mello Music Group.