Friday, September 8, 2017

Jaee Bryant - "DEEP" (prod. by Wondagurl) | @jaeethepainter |


Charleston's Jaee Bryant shared the newest single off his upcoming album, BLOO. Produced by Toronto's Wondagurl (Travis Scott, Jay Z, Kanye West), "DEEP" is Jaee's rally cry for pushing hip hop culture forward. Set on an eerie beat, Jaee bodies the track with rhymes about his aspirations to make his mark through his lyricism and artistry and to inspire progression in hip hop.

Jaee Bryant on "DEEP" -

"It's deeper than rap for me. 'DEEP' is more about the culture of hip hop and taking it way back where rappers were battling each other, pushing each other to be better. I want to impact the world with being lyrical and bringing back deeper content and poetry into my lyricism." - Jaee Bryant

Jaee Bryant is a 20 year old rapper, producer, and clothing designer out of Charleston, South Carolina. He got his start in 2012 producing beats for local artists until he realized he had something to say. But Jaee does more than just rap over a beat. He prides himself on building an overarching concept and a signature sound for each project he releases. Jaee also focuses his artistic energy into his clothing line RUIN. Once called the "hardest working man in Charleston" by Mass Appeal, BLOO will be the third album from Jaee in just over six months!

BLOO will be available September 22nd.

Jaee Bryant