Friday, September 8, 2017

Shan Vincent de Paul - The Sacred | @shanvdp |


Toronto based artist Shan Vincent de Paul continues his slew of releases with his latest offering “The Sacred”. Unlike his last two singles from the project, the Kavern produced track takes on a darker and more somber tone. Addressing trust issues and the dealing with betrayal, SVDP flexes his lyricism with some of his most powerful bars:

“Lord I can’t tell who the fuck I’m supposed to put my trust in nowadays it’s a shame / There’s a hungry wolf in my bed, wearing sheep-skin sleeping with the mask of Jesus on his head”

Effortlessly moving from a bouncy melodic chorus to commanding rap verses Shan once again puts his dynamic song writing on full display. Chicago based Kavern provides some hard hitting production that teeters between melancholy and sinister, perfectly complimenting SVDP’s delivery and subject matter.

The track will appear on Shan Vincent de Paul’s upcoming “SVDP 1” project.