Sunday, September 3, 2017

Eddy Fish Is Tired Of These "Imaginary Hustlerz" | @eddy_fish |

Eddy Fish aka "The Fisherman" gained notoriety from being one of the biggest drug distributors in Boston, with the best product, at a great price. As he gears up to release his upcoming project titled Real N*ggas Know 2, the 20-something year old rapper, wants something to be clear. Mr. Fish can spot a fake from a mile away. Fake jewelry, fake products and Fake people and NOTHING about him is Fake. This sparked his "Imaginary Hustlerz"freestyle rapped over JayZ's "Where I'm From".

Meet EDDY FISH, trapper turned rapper, with more real stories than a New York
skyscraper. “My music is a dose of reality.No third-party tales, this is all ME.”

EDDY always dabbled and wrote rhymes but his focus was on the streets, not the studio. That is, until things in the street became too perilous and his sixth sense told him to fall back. Smarter than most, EDDY followed his gut and decided it was the perfect time to take his aspirations of becoming an artist seriously.

He began writing and recording songs for a mix-tape he would name, “Real N*ggas Know”. It was released on and yielded an awesome response. It was listened to just under 20,000 times! From presentation to production, “Real N*ggas Know”, was a solid project.

This was the confirmation EDDY needed. He was ready to get into the music industry and make his mark. A self-motivated man, he reached out to Yo-Gotti, who was on the come-up at the time, for a feature and Yo obliged. “Whole lotta money”
was the result. The single was viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube!

He continued to work with Yo-Gotti and eventually toured with him. He names Yo as one of his influences. “Going on tour with Yo-Gotti was a great learning experience. I had a front row seat to how things work in the industry. It gave me a blueprint to follow and I'm grateful for that.”

EDDY has since collaborated with other big names such as Blac Youngsta on the track, “GOALZ” and most recently, Gucci Mane on the track, “HECTOR”.
“Gucci came to Boston looking for an artist who was serious about the game to do a feature with him. The town pointed him in my direction. It feels good to know that
people are noticing the hard work I’m putting in.”, said EDDY.

Clearly his reputation precedes him. He is well-respected in the streets of Boston as a boss and in the rap game as a skilled artist on the rise. “I want the fans to know that I will not disappoint them. I have a vision for this. There are other artists out of Boston trying to break into the industry and I would love to be on that first wave. I want to be a part of shaping what's coming out of my town to bring everyone together.” EDDY’s label, SMG (SkyWay Music Group) is currently in its grassroots stage building up to be a major label that can support other artists.

We have no doubt that EDDY FISH has the talent and the intelligence to do exactly what he's envisioned. His music is currently available on SoundCloud and YouTube.