Saturday, September 2, 2017

Jeron Bro Releases Latest Visual "Inspiration" | @jeronbro |

The debut single from Jeron Bro's first album available in digital stores, "1.0", is an anthem for underdogs and an inspirational jam that we can all relate to. "Inspiration", and its assisting visual, is a representation of overcoming the naysayers and out-working the competition.

"Rap music represents way more than just a genre to this artist. In addition to being a lifestyle, rap is also Jeron Bro’s lifesaver quite figuratively and literally. “Rap has helped keep me out of the street life that I have been around,” said the rapper. He has dodged many bullets and overcome a plethora of obstacles in life, which makes Jeron Bro’s perseverance so admirable. After committing to the rap game, Jeron Bro released his first major studio project titled “Jeron Bro 1.0”. The album is more than just a collection of original songs; it delivers a positive message to those who are trying to weave through life’s trials and tribulations. “I like to call it a series of anthems for the underdogs,” said the rapper. “I’m inspired by everyone around me, and I’m here to make anthems for the underdog giants as I call them."" -

Jeron Bro Releases Latest Visual "Inspiration"