Thursday, September 7, 2017

Falconcrest x Daniel Son - "Tahiti Treat"


Independent label High Heat Records has been working since 2016 to give hip-hop fans the gritty and gangsta sound that the game has been missing.

Their first launch from their talented roster of artists is the group FalconCrest.

With the production coming from the accomplished veteran Smokey from Smoke Shop Studio, they combine their slick word play and complementing flows with a production that will make their music, no doubt anthems for the new generation of hustlers. Their first single “Nightmare on Zip Street” is a chilling story that takes the listener through the minds of two people who actually did it and lived to tell their story. This new track will be followed by instant classic, tahiti treat Feat. Daniel Son.

As High Heat’s super group takes flight with their singles and creative and cinematic music videos, they are turning up the heat in the streets and will cement their place among the city’s best, with their highly anticipated mixtape, Born in Toronto – Raised in Hell.