Tuesday, September 5, 2017

DJ/Producer LUUDE Releases "Sticky Tape"



DJ/producer LUUDE reveals his newest single, “Sticky Tape” the highly anticipated release, which is out now. Continuing to display the producer’s powerful production skills, “Sticky Tape” highlights a compelling sonic performance. The track starts out with an organic piano interlude and chilling synths that build into a drum and bass breakdown alongside a soothing vocal sample. From there, the song takes on a life of its own; evolving from its original organic sound into an electronic rain-shower of synth stabs and heavy four on the floor drum sections that keeps the mix banging from onset to end. Listen to the song here now.

Seemingly out of nowhere, young Perth based producer Christian Benson aka Luude has quickly risen to the forefront of a new wave of artists in Australia. Uploading his first track to SoundCloud just over a year ago, Luude has taken very little time in making a name for himself. Early support and co-signs from some of the biggest names in the game - Skrillex, RL Grime, BorgoreRiff RaffThe Chainsmokers, Marshmello and Jauz all regularly playing Luude’s music on the biggest stages in the world has opened the doors to thousands of new fans who are now dying to see this enigmatic young producer in the flesh. His recent record “Right Now” reached over 4 million plays on streaming platforms in under 4 weeks and topped Spotify’s viral charts in several countries. The entirely independent Luude 2.0 remix project has been met with an equal amount of fanfare with thousands upon thousands of streams racking up on the account every day. “Sticky Tape” only marks the beginning of what’s to come from Luude in the months ahead.

Luude Sticky Tape