Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Desiire Releases New "Reckless" Single | @DesiireNow |



DESIIRE is a Congo born, Toronto based Singer/Songwriter who fuses R&B, Soul, Hip Hop & Jazz to create music that is rich with moody simplicity and layered melodies. Known for his soulful vocals, hypnotic instrumentals and 90’s visual revivalism, Desiire creates a live show full of inspirations from around the world to accompany the vivid musical landscape of his music.

The new single “ RECKLESS “ is the latest offering from Desiire’s AS I GO ALONG EP series. Produced by Kenneth English and written by the singer himself, the song is a confession piece about the everyday experiences and struggles of life. Cosmic keys and a thumping bassline accompany Desiire as he takes the listener through the corridor of his mind.